Chaoyang Park

Time to catch up a bit. Here are pictures from when I was here in Beijing by myself.

This is the biggest restaurant I’ve ever seen. It was around the corner from our temp housing. It’s the size of a hotel. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a website to send. But I poked my head in and looked around. There are a bunch of different rooms, all opulent in varying styles. There are lots of tanks of live seafood. Yo upick what you want to eat. I was too chicken to actually eat there. I’m not much into delicacies, and I wasn’t sure how much it would cost–sometimes places like this are off the charts.

On one of my walks I walked through Chaoyang Park, which is the big city park. This is the "you are here" map.


A bunch more pictures from the park follow.










They like flower patches.












I’m sure there’s some significance to this, but not sure what.











Don’t forget to throw your trash in the dustbin.












I think there was a wedding going on here when I walked by.











People love kites here. This dude is just chilling, flying his kite, which is so far away as to be a spec. They use spools of string that are like 12"+ in diameter, much bigger than the simple ball of kite string most kids in US use.























There were a variety of group activities going on in the park. You can’t really tell from this picture, but this was some sort of kids English summer camp program. On the whiteboard the instructor had written "She sells seashells by the seashore", and kids were coming up and trying to say it. Pretty funny.





Yet another English group, this time older people. Apparently Amway has nothing to do with the Amway we knew in USA.










Oddly, some sections of the park were eerily vacant, despite being a Saturday afternoon in the summer. This place looked like it should have had lots of people eating outside.








An interesting structure that I couldn’t figure out what the function was. Behind it you can see a ride from the small amusement park.









Chinese love their dragons. Even the toddler section has dragon theme.











And some of those blow-up jumping things were in the trees, which provide some much needed shade.










There were a few of these mini-soccer fields, each one individually fenced. All seemed pretty well used.










More flowers. This time in log flower beds. Oh wait, those aren’t logs. They’re concrete.











Um, what’s a ski rink??? I’ll have to go back in winter and see what that’s about.










On the edge of the park–"MASH tents" of workers who live here while they work here.










What’s interesting about this picture? They’re doing a heavy-duty construction project, and there’s no heavy machinery around. Labor is cheap.









Nice big decorate rock. Wait a second… there’s a hole in the rock!











 I think I’m running into some limit for pictures in a post. LiveWriter wont’ let me add any more. To be continued…

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  1. Charlie says:

    Actually I think that is the same Amway in US, it is the sponsor of the activity 

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