Yeah, we’re in our apartment now. We’re still not quite settled, since we don’t have a closet in the master, or a closet or dresser for Sam. So there are suitcases/clothes everywhere. More details later, but here are a few pictures of the place our real estate agent took before we moved in.

Funky light over the kitchen table. Almost every place I looked at had bizarre lights.












One of our, rock hard beds. I’ve never felt harder beds in my life. They don’t do the box springs/mattress combo like we do in the States. We broke down and had to get mattress pads from Ikea. Huge difference.











Not the best picture of the view, but it is one. Better one later…











Our place is the only place I found that has a nice built-out closet like this. This room is actually originally the "ayi" room, for a live in helper. It’s fairly common to find these rooms, but they’re ridiculously small, like 50 square feet. But I really like how the landlord built ours out. I didn’t see that in any of the dozens of other apartments I looked at. These apartment have so little storage that a storage room like this makes a huge difference.












Landlord has interesting taste in lights. This is in the living room. It doesn’t put out much light, but makes interesting shadows.











The main furniture was provided by landlord. Many places had hideous furniture, but this place wasn’t too bad. The landlord is form Hong Kong, and has a clue about modern tastes. There are now a couple pictures up, but it’s still pretty minimalist, which is fine for me.









There’s now a rug there as well.

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Father of 2, development manager at Microsoft, boardgamer.
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1 Response to Apartment

  1. Gorden says:

     your room looks pretty good, it is nearly the highest standard renting room I\’ve ever seem, wish your family has a good time there.

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