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Ok, I’m trying this post in Windows Live Writer, currently in beta. Supposedly it will make using inline photos easier. Here’s a test post.

Ok, this is a picture of a crazy place next to where our apartment is going to be. I just took it the other night when I was there to check thing out. Basically, it’s a big mall that looks like it’s mostly an outdoor mall (like Redmond Town Center for the Redmond folks), but actually it also goes beneath the central outdoor plaza, connecting the buildings that surround it (not sure that made sense). Anyway, the point of this picture is that in the plaza there’s a gargantuan structure that when I first saw it in the daytime I thought it was just for shade. But it turns out that at night it turns into a tv (there are huge speakers too) facing down! This is easily the largest display I’ve ever seen, at roughly 10x Times Square display (although it’s been a while since I’ve been there). 

I have to nuke the background image of the blog, because it really makes inline images look bad. I wish they could not blend images with the background. Oh well. But supposedly you can preserve original image resolution if you click on the image. Here goes…

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Father of 2, development manager at Microsoft, boardgamer.
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