Will I Ever Learn?

I little over a year ago, I put my camera in a checked bag on the airplane. Do I really have to finish the story? Yeah, it broke.
Fast forward to today. I was just back in the USA for a couple weeks helping my family with the big move and all (visiting family, etc.), but in China I got a new sim card for my phone, and I forgot to bring my USA sim card back to the States with me, which meant my cell phone only had a China #. Not too handy in the US. So I ended up not using it at all and it ended up in checked baggage. And now it’s broken. Ugh.
The annoying thing is that I keep all sorts of stuff on it, from important things like my Tichu spreadsheet (well, ok, I have a backup of that on PC) to less important things such as my notes for interesting things I’ve come across in China that might be blog-worthy. That list is now gone. Ugh ugh.
Most of the types of things on the list are just little things, but to me, it’s the little things that are interesting. For example, today I went to a restaurant (I would actually prefer not to go out on Sunday, but the little store in my building where I can get food that I can actually figure out what to do with (e.g. spaghetti) closed down with no replacement yet) called Bellagio. It was quite yummy. I ordered pretty simple stuff: kung pao chicken and mango smoothy, but both were easily the best I’ve ever had. Actually, I probably would have ordered something a bit more adventurous than the kung pao, but from the moment I sat down and was handed the menu, the waitress stood next to me waiting and finally started pointing. I can’t handle the pressure! I buckled and just quickly got something that sounded familiar. I watched so many yummy-looking dishes come out. I’m definitely coming back, even after we get into our permanent apartment and this is no longer walking distance.
So while I’m eating this yummy food, there was something about the wait staff that was odd. Nothing major–it took me quite a while before thought even registered. It wasn’t just that they were all women (I don’t think I’ve seen a male server in any restaurant yet–maybe there’s a law against it?). It wasn’t just that there were a lot of them (par for the course). It was that they all looked so similar. What was it about them? Not just the outfit. I got it! They all had super short / super spiky haircuts! I’d say hair styles or hair-dos, but there are really just haircuts–as in Annie Lennox short haircuts. And all spiked. Given that I can’t recall seeing a single woman with super short hair like that here, it’s quite amazing that they manage to get all their wait staff to get haircuts like that.
Now I have to figure out what new phone to get. And in China there are zillions of options. I’ll need some help choosing. Anyone have any suggestions? (full keyboard, Windows Mobile 6, of course).

About Curt Carpenter

Father of 2, development manager at Microsoft, boardgamer.
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