Man, Spaces is starting to bug me

So I went through the hassle of not only uploading pictures, but labeling them in Spaces, but you can’t see the labels when viewing a blog entry. If you click on a picture, you get a lame new popup window with the picture in it, and it scales to the window, which by default isn’t big enough to show full resolution (of the already reduced resolution required by the picture upload thingie). The only way to see the labels is through the photo album viewer section, which shows ALL pictures, without any way of just viewing pictures associated with a particular blog entry. Furthermore, if you click a picture in the photo viewer corner of my page (not the small thumbgnails at the bottpom of each blog entry), then you get a much nicer photo viewer, that automatically shows them full size, and with the caption, and previous next buttons. How come you can’t get that when you click the thimbnails in a blog entry? Grumble grumble. I need to go track someone down…

About Curt Carpenter

Father of 2, development manager at Microsoft, boardgamer.
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