And so it begins

I was the last person I knew to get a cell phone.I’m not quite the last person I know to start a blog, but it’s certainly past due, especially with friends and family scattered all over the world. Or at least on continents other than the one where I currently reside. I recently moved to China. And that’s the real impetus for finally starting one of these new fangled gizmos.
On the name of my blog:
When I started programming (25 years ago, as of this writing), it was for the express purpose of making games. One of the things that frustrated me early on was how everytime I ran my program, it would start the same, even though I tried to use random numbers. One day, I discovered that you had to "seed" the random number generator if you didn’t want the random numbers to be the same every time, and you would only get a different sequence of random numbers if you provide different seeds (still true today). Anytime we have major changes in life, it’s like a new seed to the random generator, bringing yet a new pattern of events. 
And so it begins.

About Curt Carpenter

Father of 2, development manager at Microsoft, boardgamer.
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1 Response to And so it begins

  1. Charlie says:

    Welcome to China !!

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